Cloud Basics

What is IoT?

 What is IoT?    You would have heard about IoT and its extensive applications across different industries. Ever wondered what…
Amazon Web Services

What are AWS Managed Services?

AWS managed services involve the utilization of state-of-the-art tools and services to fully automate the migration of your IT infrastructure…
AWS cloud Solutions

Why is My AWS Bill Increasing?

There is nothing more convenient and productive than having a full-fledged cloud platform that facilitates your remote working environment. AWS…
Beaty Consultancy - How DNS Poisoning Works

How DNS Poisoning Attacks Work

SecurityWe love to explore the common security threats which are being leveraged against every cloud platform every day.  These threats…
Beaty Consultancy - How Secure Is Sec

How Secure Is Secure-Enough?

SecurityI’m a security nut.  I mean, I write a security-focused technology blog for goodness sake, I’m hardly revealing national secrets…
Beaty Consultancy - How Hacking Works

How Hacking Works

SecurityI’m writing this post during the UK Corona virus lockdown in May 2020.  All around the world, scientists and researchers…
Beaty Consultancy - Understanding the Cloud
Cloud Basics

How The Cloud Works

Cloud BasicsThis blog post comes from my little brain-box as I was writing another post about Disaster Recovery.  I was…
Beaty Consultancy - Open Source Software
Cloud Basics

Open Source Software

Cloud BasicsToday, we’re investigating another buzzy buzword you might hear bandied around by techy-types.  What is Open Source Software?  Let’s…
Beaty Consultancy - What is a VPN?
Cloud BasicsSecurity

What is a VPN?

Cloud BasicsSecurityVirtual Private Networks, or VPNs are all the rage at the moment.  Every other video I watch on YouTube…
Case Studies

The White Apple Company

The White Apple Company offer a range of online English language learning tools to help bring students and world-class language…

Why AWS Consultancy?

A blog posting around the reasons for starting Beaty Consultancy, the friendly, affordable AWS consultancy services specialists.


Tag your assets, please

When a new client asks me to check out their AWS estate and make recommendations for improvement, one of the…