Beaty Consultancy - How Secure Is Sec

How Secure Is Secure-Enough?

SecurityHow Secure Is Secure-Enough?Posted on 17/06/2020I’m a security nut.  I mean, I write a security-focused technology blog for goodness sake,…
Beaty Consultancy - How Hacking Works

How Hacking Works

SecurityHow Hacking WorksPosted on 03/06/2020I’m writing this post during the UK Corona virus lockdown in May 2020.  All around the…
Beaty Consultancy - Understanding the Cloud
Cloud Basics

How The Cloud Works

Cloud BasicsHow The Cloud WorksPosted on 19/02/2020This blog post comes from my little brain-box as I was writing another post…
Beaty Consultancy - Open Source Software
Cloud Basics

Open Source Software

Cloud BasicsOpen Source SoftwarePosted on 12/02/2020Today, we’re investigating another buzzy buzword you might hear bandied around by techy-types.  What is…
Beaty Consultancy - Technical Writing

Technical Writing Services

TransformationTechnical Writing ServicesPosted on 29/01/2020There are a few stings to our cloud-shaped bow here at Beaty Consultancy.  Sometimes other cloud…
Beaty Consultancy - What is a VPN?
Cloud BasicsSecurity

What is a VPN?

Cloud BasicsSecurityWhat is a VPN?Posted on 18/12/2019Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs are all the rage at the moment.  Every other…
Case Studies


AccellierAccellier are a company rapidly expanding and servicing new clients with their revolutionary Customer Relationship Management platform. Beaty Consultancy helped…
Case Studies

Glazed Expressions

Glazed ExpressionsGlazed Expressions is a small glass art studio on the edge of the lake district, making beautiful one-of-a-kind fused…

Why AWS Consultancy?

A blog posting around the reasons for starting Beaty Consultancy, the friendly, affordable AWS consultancy services specialists.


Tag your assets, please

When a new client asks me to check out their AWS estate and make recommendations for improvement, one of the…