Frequently Asked Questions

We know cloud computing and security can seem a little overwhelming, so we’ve answered some of our FAQs for you here. 

If you have any other questions, get in touch, it’s what we do so we’ll be happy to walk you through it

There are a tonne of definitions of “cloud”, but basically it’s when you don’t need to worry about the physical machines running your infrastructure.  You pay for what you use, and the cloud provider can supply as much data-horsepower as you need.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services – the same Amazon who started off as an online book shop.  AWS is the world leader in cloud technology, and that’s why we specialise in running AWS cloud accounts for our clients.

Of course we can.  Hey, I’ve no idea how my coffee machine works – all I have to know is I put beans in the top and deliciousness comes out the bottom.  Cloud should be the same.  We’ve got this.

Cloud resources are becoming increasingly crucial to normal business operations, so let’s get it right! We often save clients more money from their AWS bills than our fee, and our security and availability checkups mean your business stays online and keeps our customer’s data secure.

We’re a team based on the Scottish borders here in the UK. Started by ricky, a lifelong nerd, but one who can speak like an actual person, not a robot. We believe in quality above all else, and we’ll make sure things are done properly, whatever it takes. We’re all AWS certified, so you can be sure we know what we’re on about.

We work with public and private sector clients, big and small projects, huge and tiny budgets. We specialise in startups and Software as a Service clients since we have so much experience in that area.

It just comes with practice.  Some things are as simple as checking metrics that we’re used to seeing 100 times a day and advising you might have too much of this or that.  Maybe your server doesn’t need to be as big and expensive as it is to deliver the same performance for your users.  But then there are bill tweaks like committing to a 1 year term with AWS and receiving a discount in return.  We wield all these tools so you don’t have to.  Ooh, and check out our blog too – there’s much more detail on how we do what we do there.

For a good long while, that will be right. Devs are incredible folks, and can turn their hands to most things. But once your business starts to really gain traction, you need experts making sure your cloud resources are secure, they stay online when your customers need them, and that there aren’t going to be any nasty surprises lurking around the corner. DevOps is just an offshoot of development, so we know just how to communicate with your developers and with you.

We never resell anything. So you keep your AWS account (or we help you create one), you pay the AWS bill, and there’s no markup from us, ever. Then at the end of each month or at the beginning of a year (discounts ahoy!), we invoice you for our services. That’s it! So you can see who’s charging what, and we never hold your cloud accounts to ransome.

Absolutely! All environments are a bit different, so we’ll need to work out where your data is and what any potential vulnerabilities might be first. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for cloud security, but we’ll do our best to make it painless.

Yep!  We can analyse your platform from the ground up, and make sure you have defence-in-depth, as well as solid backups, security best practices, and the latest technologies keeping watch over your precious cloud data assets.

Absolutely. Although when we’re doing our job properly, you will find you don’t need that level of support. We manage changes professionally, and monitor your business-as-usual activity all the time. We know well before anything bad happens to your cloud, and we can fix it before it turns into a 3am outage.

Cyber Essentials is an initiative started by the British government and it is aimed at helping businesses to understand what data they have, and come up with controls to keep that data safe. We meet those government standards, so we get to use the logo. But we can also help you to work towards Cyber Essentials accreditation too!

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