Who Are Beaty Consultancy?

Hi, I’m ricky, and I started Beaty Consultancy in 2018. I wanted to bring my skills as a cloud specialist to more businesses, after a long career working for large International corporations.

Right now, I lead a team of dedicated subject experts in delivering amazing value, and unbelievable outcomes for small and medium sized companies, just like yours.

I currently hold AWS certifications for Cloud Architecture, System Operations and DevOps.  In other words, I am a real cloud-nerd, although hopefully you wouldn’t know it if you bumped into me in the street.  You can find out more about me over on LinkedIn.

Certified Professionals

Our developers and technicians are certified by Amazon Web Services (AWS) so you can trust us as the experts in our field.

We work with developers who are at the very top of their technical game, and who know their development stack of choice inside and out.

From Python, to Node, GoLang and many more, our guys know their onions… but they know more about code than onions…

Proudly Cumbrian

Beaty Consultancy was founded in Carlisle, the great border city to the north of the Lake District in Cumbria. So when we’re not pressing buttons in a dark back-room, you’ll find us outside (usually in the rain), walking round some lake or other, or half way up a fell.

We love helping businesses in our local area, but we also work with lots of businesses all over the world. The one thing you can rely on from a northerner, though, is straight craic!

Beaty Consultancy - Carlisle based cloud consultancy