What we offer

Wherever you’re at in your business, we can help. 

We offer a variety of services as business isn’t a one size fits all solution, and neither is cloud consultancy. 

Have a nosey at what we can offer and then let’s have a chat to figure out what’s the best solution for you.

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Managed Cloud Benefits

Businesses don't know whether their cloud platforms are running optimally unless they have experts keeping an eye on it. We monitor clients' clouds 24x7.
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Challenges of the Cloud

Bills can run away with you, security can fall by the wayside, and complexity can get the better of even the most seasoned developers.
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Why Cloud Consultancy?

We just focus on cloud, so we can do it right!

Why Beaty?

Simply put, we get it right the first time.

No messing about, no half measures, just as it should be. We know how important your cloud is to the running of your business and it’s crucial it’s right.

So that’s what we do. Simple.

  • Deep understanding of Cloud Managed Services but without all the jargon.

  • Get the benefit of an expert in your team, but only pay for the time we work on your platform.

  • We can act as a technical advisor for your business, drawing the knowledge we have built up since the birth of cloud computing.

How We Can Help:

Leave as much, or as little, to us as you like!

  • Server patching and reporting
  • Backup management
  • Billing reviews and cost optimisation
  • Security scans
  • Infrastructure reviews
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Best practice analysis
  • Help with training and technical questions

Let us take it from here


Beaty Consultancy are AWS certified specialists who can look after everything cloud and security-related for you.

We specialise in managed cloud service providers with repeatable, reliable, and secure solutions that can scale up in line with your growing business – leave it to us!

For a fixed monthly cost, we can;

  • Run your backups
  • Keep you up to date with security patches
  • Keep an eye on your cloud bills, and reduce costs.

Let us look after your cloud, while you look after your business.

One Time Checkup

Get peace of mind knowing our experts have checked for:

* Security vulnerabilities
* Backups
* Stability issues
* Cost Optimisation

Monthly Maintenance

Concentrate on running your own business, while the Beaty Consultancy team keep on top of:

* Server security patching
* Constant billing management
* Periodic security testing
* Always here to answer your questions

Bespoke Service

We know that not all businesses are the same, so if yours needs some specific love, just let us know and we can tailor a special support package around you and your business.

Beaty Consultancy - Save Money with AWS Reserved Instances

Managed Cloud Account Service

By subscribing to Beaty Consultancy’s Cloud Managed Services, you can immediately stop worrying about your cloud.

  • Stop worrying about your cloud

  • Stop accepting the ever-increasing bills every month.

  • Stop losing sleep, wondering if you’ll be the next company to be hacked and to lose your companies trust.

Just £450 per month (excl. VAT)

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