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Why is My AWS Bill Increasing?

There is nothing more convenient and productive than having a full-fledged cloud platform that facilitates your remote working environment. AWS services have proved to be the breakthrough technology that businesses are leveraging to maximize their productivity.

But quality comes with a price. AWS charges you money in accordance with your requirements and usage. You might be wondering what is causing your AWS bill to charge you with hefty amounts. Here is a sneak peek into some of the key factors that contribute towards higher costs:

Legacy or Unused Resources 

One of the great things about AWS cloud Solutions is how quick and easy it can be to deploy powerful and complex solutions.  From servers and databases to boundless storage and automation.  But stay notified when you no longer need these cloud services. Unused resources cause an unforeseen increase in your AWS bill.

Ensure that you keep a thorough inspection of these resources to save yourself from hefty bills.

Your AWS Free Tier May be Expired

Everybody loves free trials. AWS offers free tiers to businesses with a specific limit of usage. If you exceed this limit, then surely you will be charged extra in the bill.

Why settle for hefty bills when you can simply avoid this situation using notification of free tier expiration. Keep yourself alert about the expiration to prevent such unnecessary costs.

Funding Options 

If your business is less than 10 years old, we can help secure credits to use against your AWS bill. It’s time to free yourself from the worries of expensive cloud bills while leveraging the high-end features of AWS for your business growth.

Frequent Data Requests

This is a factor that most of the users don’t consider while searching for the reasons for higher AWS bills. If your software frequently sends requests for data transfer and data retrieval, then chances are that you will be charged extra for this.

Take smart decisions and avoid unnecessary data requests from the server. Doing so would prevent you from the inconvenience of higher costs.

Your AWS Storage Class May Not be Appropriate

Storage is always required for smooth operational procedures. It primarily depends on your storage access needs which AWS S3 storage class you should choose. If you don’t access the data frequently and you have opted for Simple Storage Service (S3) Standard, then this will surely increase your costs.

You can acquire some handy information about AWS storage classes by going through our blog about the data retention strategies in the cloud.

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