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Beaty Consultancy - Small Business cloud support

Small Business

  • You run an online shop.
  • You keep lots of customer data.
  • You have customised software.
  • You want more automation so you can concentrate on your business.
  • You need peace of mind that your online world is safe secure.
Beaty Consultancy - Enterprise cloud consultancy


  • You run lots of apps and websites.
  • Your staff use lots of information systems.
  • Your IT team need a little help from cloud experts.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our work!

Case Studies

Beaty Consultanct - My Car Inspections cloud consultancy

How Beaty Consultancy helped a motor-trade entrepreneur

How did Beaty Consultancy help a book shop

Beaty Consultancy — Optimising Words Unwasted Book Shop


The White Apple Company



Amazon Web Services

What are AWS Managed Services?

Efficient monitoring and maintenance of a cloud environment is pivotal to the flawless processing of your IT operations. Extensive cloud knowledge and expertise are required to optimise cloud-based tasks like cloud security, computing, storage, and network operations. This is where acquiring cloud managed services is the most optimal solution for your business. Beaty Consultancy offers tech-oriented and industry-standard cloud managed services to businesses around the globe. Here are some advantages that your business can grab by opting for the assistance of cloud experts: Value for money We can often save you more money on your cloud-spend than our service costs. You no longer need to hire a full-time IT staff to manage your network. Cloud experts at Beaty Consultancy come up with the best solutions to ensure 100% efficient management of your IT operations at lower costs. Security We keep an eye on the latest in cyber security, and apply cutting-edge cyber-defense to your environments. We map out a holistic cloud security strategy to save your cloud controls from all sorts of malicious cyberattacks. With our assistance, your data will be safe across all cloud-based services. We adopt technical parameters to ensure your business continuity, even in case of disasters or emergencies. Performance We can help you ensure your apps and websites stay online even when you may have irregular busy periods. Our cloud experts provide businesses with a robust network infrastructure operating with optimum performance. Your business IT components communicate seamlessly. Our team fully understands the metrics that result in effective monitoring of cloud computing resources. Help turn your business goals into technical requirements Our job is tech, so you tell us how your business runs and what is important to you, and we’ll work out how the tech can support you best. Migrating your IT operations to cloud can be a challenge, especially when your technical staff lacks the knowledge about cloud-based services. We assist in every aspect of cloud computing, from building high-performance network infrastructure to regularly updating your existing network. We transform your IT operations into simplified administration and support. Friendly experts We help you get ahead of things which might go wrong, and correct them before they become a problem. But no system is perfect, and when things go wrong, we’re here to apply our expertise and methodical approach to get you back up and running quickly. Beaty Consultancy is your go-to cloud managed service provider offering solutions fully customized to meet your IT needs.

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

Custom Link cloud consultancy services

Why Does My App Go Down When It’s Busy?

Ricky Beaty


Hi, I’m Ricky, and I started Beaty Consultancy in order to bring the skills I have developed around cloud DevSecOps to progressive and forward thinking organisations.

My objective is to help your business harness the power of the cloud, securely.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Beaty Consultancy - Cloud Consultancy
Nigel Beaty - Beaty Consulting

Nigel Maximo

Chief Doggo

Nigel is in charge of ensuring nobody in the office is unattended while they eat.  Or even if they look like they might be thinking about eating soon.

His likes are sniffs, his toy pig and sleeping in the sunshine.  He dislikes being brushed, cats and bad cloud security… probably.

Don’t hesitate ask us about our work!

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