Beaty Consultancy
Well Architected support and maintenance for your AWS cloud environment


We create graphics and dashboards to show trends and patterns from your platform over time. Alarms help us all get ahead of any potential problems.


From encryption to audit logs – we check it all. We check your firewalls from the inside out, making sure bad guys stay out.


Backups are useless if they aren’t tested – so we set them up for you, and test them regularly. We can help with change management, disaster recovery planning and version control.


Your users demand high performance systems, so we help you achieve app speed without breaking the bank.

We can advise and plan migrations to supercharged cloud-native solutions to save you time and money.

Cost Optimisation

We save clients an average of 19% on their AWS bills!

We can slice and dice your cloud bills in a way that makes sense to human eyes.


Analysis of your cloud platform can reveal unused or underutilised resources.

We help calculate and reduce the environmental impact of your cloud deployments.

Need more expert cloud support?

External Security Scans

We act as your own personal hackers. But why?! If we can break into your cloud, so could an attacker.  We can help plug those security issues and keep the hackers out! Weekly tests with monthly reports in plain english.

We can organise and plan the changes needed to squash security bugs – we’ve got you! £250 /month*

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