Dean Intro – Cloud Technician

Hi! I’m Dean. I’m a cloud technician for Beaty Consultancy. I’ve been in the IT business for over 6 years now. I started as IT support for a close to home business, a System Administrator specialising in asset management system hosting as well as other critical infrastructure services. What started as an IT support work has turned into a full-time cloud technician profession at cloud computing and l’m super excited to learn more of what it has to offer. I always welcome the opportunity to work on various projects related to my niche.

My experience up to date is user and system support, network design, audit of business processes, system administration for oracle and SQL based asset management systems, SharePoint migrations and building of infrastructure, data centre migrations, pfSense networking, Azure DR testing, improving security, problem solving and troubleshooting to find and fix faults. I’m confident working on both linux and windows.

My day-to-day roles here at Beaty Consultancy include developing, planning and creating cloud computing services, offering technical support and advice to clients, troubleshooting and looking to improve existing cloud environments from a combination of maintenance tasks, security improvements, making systems more reliable and optimising cost where possible. I’ve also recently started working with CloudWatch alarms and monitoring. I then moved onto using bash to automate the tasks and managed to write my first piece of production code!

When I’m not working, I like to take the dogs out, see family, play guitar and Xbox. I also like travelling to different places around the world when I can and I’ve been to a wide variety of concerts too. Really looking forward to working with more cloud solutions and all the challenges and knowledge it will bring.

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