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Let’s Learn Stuff While We’re Locked In

We’re all staying at home, protecting the NHS and saving lives.  It’s super important, but it’s tough isn’t it.  Some of us have lots of time to fill, and while there is ample entertainment to be found on various streaming services, sometimes it’s fun to learn new skills.  Let’s learn stuff while we’re locked in!

Learn What?

Well, you’re here at Beaty Consultancy, so you already know we’re full on cloud nerds.  The other thing you know is that we love to spread as much cloud and technology knowledge as we can through our weekly blogs.  So let’s look at some resources around the ole interwebz to learn cloud skills.

Free For Nothing

Lots of resources are free, and what better place to start than YouTube?  Lots of technical learning providers also upload some of their content to YouTube as a way in to their paid content.  Some others are sponsored by technology providers, and so can freely distribute their courses on YouTube.  And some just do it because they love the technology they work with.

Some of the best channels we have found up to now include;

Peer to Peer Learning

I love learning from other folks who are just good at what they do.  That’s not to say structured courses aren’t amazing too, but people who just know their subject inside and out tend to be fascinating and very engaging.

To that end, have a look at SkillShare.  Anybody can create a SkillShare course, but only the best ones are upvoted and therefore promoted more highly.  You can learn anything from Needlework to Network Security, Animation to Business Analysis.

They have a 2 month free trial available for all new sign-ups.  Let’s hope that’s plenty long enough to get us over this time!

Learn Anything!

One of my favourite learning platforms ever is Udemy.  Udemy has a mix of one-man-band teachers sharing their skills and expertise, and more traditional instructor lead courses, which the bias being to the latter.  Courses are bought individually, and are frequently (usually once a month) heavily discounted from around £100 to £12.  It’s certainly worth having a look around to see if there are courses which interest you, and next time the prices drop, swoop in and queue up some top quality learning for yourself.

Udemy also offer plans for business customers whereby you can give your staff access to 4000+ courses on an all-you-can-eat basis.

Learn Cloud

The last training provider we want to mention is A Cloud Guru.  These guys run super-high quality courses tailored for both AWS and Azure platform.  They can take you from no knowledge whatsoever right up to the top tiers of cloud certification.

They have a 7 day trial, and a subscription model after that.  One of the more awesome courses they have revolves around AWS Lambda, which their whole platform is based on.  If you love serverless tech as much as we do, you’ll love this!


We would love to hear from you.  Learning should be a constant process, and we’re certainly no exception to that.  So what resources have you found which could help us?  Reach out to us today and let us know!

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