How Beaty Consultancy Helped the Words Unwasted Book Shop


There’s just something about physical books isn’t there.  The smell, the feel of the pages, the tangible progress through the pages of the physical object of a book.  And second hand books can be even more intriguing.  Where have they traveled to?  Who have them imparted their wisdom or stories to along the way?  Terrence from knows this better than anyone, and that’s why he has built a world class business in used books.

Words Unwasted sell from lots of platforms, including their own website, which is updated constantly by their army of book-hunters!  If there’s an obscure or rare book you want to lay your hands on, Terrence and the Words Unwasted team are for you.

The Problem

But there are some unique challenges which come from selling one-off items on multiple platforms at the same time.  You ave to keep a keen eye on stock management to make sure you don’t sell the same book twice.  A problem which only grows in line with the popularity of your platform.  With Words Unwasted ready to take the next step up in their business journey to be the number 1 used book shop in the UK, they turned to Beaty Consultancy for help.

The Words Unwasted servers were hosted in Digital Ocean – which is not a bad place for them!  I mean it’s not our favourite, sure, but it takes all sorts doesn’t it?  But the servers had never seen much love – a point that Terrence and the team couldn’t possible have known.
But the team not only wanted to fix any potential issues with their current platform – they wanted to make sure they were ready for the growth they were striving for.  They needed a trusted technology partner to handle the software and hosting aspects of their business.  So how did Beaty Consultancy help a book shop?

Our Solution

Together with our development team, we migrated the Words Unwasted platform to a microservice architecture, and moved it all to good-ole AWS.  We used our many years of experience to very quickly deploy a segmented network in London, containing new, highly secure and super fast servers to run their line of business applications.  Strict adherence to security and resiliency best practices was easy to achieve when we could rely on our tried and tested Terraform Infrastructure as Code script packages to save the client time and money on developing custom solutions.

Our developers managed to migrate the web platform into a Kubernetes cluster, which gave a 100x speed improvement to page load speeds for users browsing Words Unwasted.  The team also made improvements to legacy code, and added multiple data reliability improvements, meaning the Words Unwasted team could be confident in the numbers they see in their management dashboards.

Great Fun!

Terrence from Words Unwasted was a joy to work with.  He knows his business inside and out, but recognises that the technology needs to be handled by trusted experts.  We’re delighted he chose us to be that partner, and we look forward to a long working relationship with Words Unwasted as their footprint on the British second hand books market grows day by day.

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