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Optimising Words Unwasted Book Shop

The relationship between books and humans is everlasting. Reading a book is the best way to grab the essence of a topic. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to find rare books on the internet. Terrence from Words Unwasted aspires to make his used book shop a one stop shop for book enthusiasts. 

Words Unwasted sells all sorts of books in an array of genres from various platforms. Now book lovers can easily find any book on this platform without any hassle. They have a dedicated website for their business as well.

How Beaty Consultancy Helped the Words Unwasted Book Shop

There Was a Sure Need for Optimisation

Words Unwasted endeavours to become the leading second-hand books seller in the UK. They aim to be the best with their standout features! Operating from different platforms made this book shop vulnerable to stock management issues. 

The servers of this book shop were hosted in Digital Ocean. Terrence wanted to acquire the technological expertise of a tech-savvy cloud consultancy London company. Beaty Consultancy became the prime choice of Words Unwasted to ensure that their software and hosting needs are met with professionalism.

How Our Cloud Consultancy Services Helped?

Our team shifted the servers of Words Unwasted in the form of segmented networks in London. We added to the security and speed of servers through our technical expertise. Words Unwasted platform was entirely moved to good-ole AWS. This suite of Amazon’s public cloud computing resources & services proved to be super beneficial for their platform.

We fully understand the importance of a business website in ensuring an optimum user experience. Our skilled professionals migrated the web platform of Words Unwasted into a Kubernetes cluster. This migration improved the page load speed of their website by 100 times. Our developers made necessary tweaks to the legacy code of their platform to ensure that their system gets on par with the modern platform features and standards. Our technical assistance made it convenient for team Words Unwasted to manage their dashboards efficiently. 

Words Unwasted is Another Successful Addition to Our Portfolio

We highly value Terrence’s aspiration to take Words Unwasted to the echelons of success in the UK. Managing such a massive second-hand book shop through online platforms requires top-notch features and flawless technology. This is where Terrence chose the best cloud consultancy services and trusted Beaty Consultancy. We are more than pleased to collaborate with such a promising business in the UK.

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