Amazon Web Services

What are AWS Managed Services?

AWS managed services involve the utilization of state-of-the-art tools and services to fully automate the migration of your IT infrastructure to the cloud and management of this infrastructure after migration. AWS managed services comprise a complete package of management tasks covering all the ins and outs of Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments.

With managed services, businesses no longer have to worry about hardware administration. All the IT operations get migrated to the cloud and operate by utilizing the real-time resources of AWS. The tools and APIs offered by the cloud services facilitate businesses in building and running a robust IT infrastructure at lower costs.

Robust Cloud Environments Boost Resource Management & Consumption 

Inefficient utilization of resources can diminish the performance of all components of your network. More industries are shifting their IT operational procedures to cloud platforms to acquire complete automation. Once your infrastructure is migrated to cloud, there is a need for cloud maintenance and monitoring. You can always opt for managed cloud services to entrust your cloud management tasks to a skilled team of cloud experts.

Beaty Consultancy Provides a Complete AWS Support Coverage

Migration of your IT infrastructure to the cloud and ensuring optimum performance of these operations is always difficult for businesses. This is where Beaty Consultancy extends its cloud expertise to help enterprises in monitoring, management, optimisation, and upgrading of their network.

Hiring a full-time IT staff to manage cloud controls is not something that every enterprise can afford. Getting technical assistance of cloud managed service providers is what proves to be the optimal choice for these businesses. Your cloud belongs to you, and we look after it.

Smart Solutions for Enhanced Management and Support

You run your business; we run your cloud. We look after billing, security, updates and patching for you. What may seem to be a complex cloud computing and management task to you is our routine work.

Customise the service we deliver to you. We can do periodic penetration tests, audits, disaster recovery plans, compliance reports and more. We help you work out how much support you need. We’re always around to help troubleshoot your platform, or to support your technology stack as your business grows.

We have seasoned cloud experts who are well-versed in the knowledge of Deployment and Configuration of Applications, Application Performance Monitoring and Optimisation, Backup and Disaster Recovery, and Auto-scaling implementation.

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