Avoiding Cloud Vendor Lock-In

Beaty Consultancy - Avoiding Cloud Vendor Lock-In

Avoiding Cloud Vendor Lock-In At Beaty Consultancy, we speak to new clients all the time, which is awesome!  People build really amazing platforms using public cloud technologies, and we advise on the best way to do it.  One of the most frequent themes is around not being locked to one particular cloud provider.  So today […]

Serverless Websites Are Awesome!

Serverless Websites Are Awesome! It’s no secret that we are proper geeks.  Cloud geeks specifically, but we do just love any good tech.  Serverless technology is a good example of tech we think is cool, but serverless is often difficult to set up.  Not so with serverless websites; serverless websites are awesome! What Is A […]

What Is Serverless?

what is serverless

What is Serverless? We have been writing blog posts about cloud technology for a long time now.  Each week, we take a subject, and try to explain it to ordinary people.  But one thing we haven’t covered in any depth is serverless technology.  But what is serverless? What is Serverless Serverless doesn’t mean that there […]

What is cloud? …asking for a friend


What is cloud? …asking for a friend I have happily been running cloud consultancy business for the past couple of years now, and my clients are proving that there is a space in the market for a trusted advisor to help with getting cloud right.  But what is this cloud everyone goes on about? How […]

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