Should I Use SaaS or Custom Software?

Trends have changed in the business sector. Businesses are now more focused on using state-of-the-art technologies to improve their productivity and end results. Long gone are those days when there were limited resources and software products to utilise. 

But there is a debate which has become more prevalent than ever before. You may have heard about SaaS or “software as a service.” If you are running a business, then you would have to think at some stage whether using SaaS or custom software is the right choice. With the massive popularity of SaaS in the market, more businesses are now shifting towards this model. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the key aspects which can make it easier for you to decide whether you should use SaaS or custom software for your business. 


Every business has different requirements. Although the common requirements of all the businesses are the same but still, there are various customisations which a business may require. SaaS tools cannot offer you 100% customisations. Can, and should, your business adapt its processes in order to fit into a SaaS model?  If not, then choosing a custom software in such conditions is the right choice. 


Cost can be the major deciding factor while choosing one of the two available options. If you have a good budget and you plan to acquire more benefits at minimal costs, then custom software is the best option. Conversely, SaaS tools can cost you a lot in subscriptions. You may not be able to efficiently handle the spiking costs in the future if you have opted for SaaS.

Therefore, it is necessary that you put your budgeting on top before you choose between SaaS and custom software. 


You have to take complete responsibility for the upgrades of your custom software. This not only demands the need for skilled professionals but also increases the costs a lot. But this is not the case with SaaS because all the upgrades are handled by the SaaS provider. You don’t have to worry about complex maintenance work. All the bugs and security risks are the responsibility of the SaaS provider if you choose SaaS.  

The Conclusion 

There is no one factor which can finalise your decision. You have to adopt a holistic approach to make the final decision. Making the right choice in accordance with the needs and requirements of your business not only improves productivity but also saves you a lot of money.

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