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How Beaty Consultancy helped a motor-trade entrepreneur

My Car Inspections

What Jim Parkes from www.mycarinspections.co.uk doesn’t know about cars probably isn’t worth knowing.  He has built up his brand over a number of years, to the point where hundreds of clients rely on him to carry out detailed technical inspections every year.

My Car Inspections is one of a collection of businesses that Jim heads up, each one with their own distinct brand identity, and all the technical trappings that go along with it.  Jim contacted Beaty Consultancy to help fix issues around email deliverability, security of the websites, and various certificate issues.

After a quick initial chat, ricky from Beaty Consultancy put a plan together which addressed all the issues raised by Jim, and we got to work!

With Our Help

I’m pleased to say we managed to deliver the work on time, and under budget.  Result!  All of the mycarinspections domains were now secure, measures were put in place to incrementally improve email deliverability, and a full backup and security review concluded.  Now the client could be safe in the knowledge that all of his business data was being backed up every night, that all of their data was encrypted, and that network security had been tightened up.  As well as all this, we delivered friendly performance dashboards, and a system to deliver early-warning alert emails for things which might go wrong in future.

Lastly, we were able to cut Jim’s business’ monthly software license costs by deploying some custom developed, open-source solutions for things like S3 backups which were being done using costly software plugins.  On top of these cost savings, we secured $1,000 of AWS credit, meaning we left the client with net more money than when we met!

And We Can Help You Too

This is just one example of one entrepreneur with a few web presences, who benefitted from a little bit of cloud-tinkering.

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