Managing Hybrid Clouds Using
AWS Systems Manager

Hybrid cloud computing comes with a lot of benefits for businesses where they can acquire better support for a remote workforce at reduced costs and increased agility. Through hybrid cloud computing, businesses can share applications and data between their private cloud and public cloud. A hybrid cloud can have multiple public clouds configured with one private cloud. 

Now comes the question about the management of these hybrid cloud environments. AWS Systems Manager is used to manage all the instances related to the hybrid cloud environment set up for your IT infrastructure. Let’s get a sneak peek into how AWS Systems Manager works and what features it offers. 

AWS Systems Manager — An Overview 

If you ever set up a hybrid cloud environment, then you need AWS Systems Manager to monitor all the operations and their performance within the environment. You no longer have to explore the inefficient operations in your cloud environment through manual processing. AWS Systems Manager will create all the actionable steps to bring the required improvements to your hybrid cloud operations with reduced costs. 

Businesses get an easy-to-understand user interface (UI) to manage all the communication and sharing between private cloud and public clouds. With AWS Systems Manager, you not only get an optimum resource management interface but also an improved mechanism to resolve operational problems. 

Features of AWS Systems Manager 

Here are some of the features of AWS Systems Manager that help you in the convenient management of hybrid cloud operations:

Patch Manager  

All servers need software and operating system patches for optimal performance and security. Patch Manager provides you with an automatic mechanism for selecting and deploying these patches in a controlled way through your different environment, to ensure that your environment meets compliance requirements. 

Application Manager  

All the applications running across every environment within your infrastructure can be listed and managed through Application Manager. You can easily visualize and define all the components of your applications for optimisation. Application Manager provides you with a centralised location to manage, analyse, and optimise your applications running across your hybrid cloud environment. 

Change Manager  

Application changes are inevitable. You never know when your application might need a necessary change to be made. A manual process to conduct such changes is never efficient nor safe. Change Manager makes it easier for you to request and approve various application change requests without any disruption. Moreover, you can also detect unintentional changes and errors through Change Manager. 

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