License Compliance In AWS

Cloud computing is all about providing businesses with optimal resource management and impeccable IT operation efficiency at reduced costs. You may have already made significant investment in licenses for critical business software running all over your organisation, and you need to be sure you stay in compliance with those license agreements.

There are software audits that are conducted to ensure that no business or customer is using software without complying with the rules and regulations of the license agreements. Like other amazing features offered by AWS, businesses can also utilize AWS License Manager to allocate licenses and their consumption. 

AWS License Manager 

AWS License Manager brings you transparent visibility of your software license utilization. Every licensed software comes with license agreements. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations can result in the cancellation of all the features and services acquired from the respective software. Here are some key aspects which are covered by AWS License Manager:

No Hassle of License Overages 

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to track software license consumption throughout your entire cloud infrastructure. You never know when your license consumption may exceed its limit and you end up dealing with the penalties. 

This is where you can use AWS License Manager to set limits on all the new and existing cloud deployments. This will give you the visibility of ensuring compliant server usage without the worries of license overages. 

Optimum Managed Entitlement 

AWS License Manager is beneficial for independent software vendors and end-users alike. As an independent software vendor, you can easily distribute dedicated software licenses to your end-users and track their usage through a centralised mechanism. AWS License Manager replaces manual license distribution with automatic license creation and distribution in the AWS environment. 

End-users can use the License Manager dashboard for all the licensed software they are using and track their consumption automatically. Moreover, AWS License Manager also understands the license agreements and provides end-users with mechanisms to comply with these agreements during license consumption. 

Streamlined License Management 

AWS License Manager provides you with an opportunity to create licensing rules. You can also enforce these licensing rules by attaching them to the relevant instances to be deployed. Your License Manager dashboard will raise flags for all the resources that are not compliant with your pre-defined licensing rules. In this way, you get a streamlined license management mechanism with AWS License Manager.

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