How reliable is the cloud?

The increasing popularity of cloud computing has made it one of the most sought-after technologies in the business sector. Every business is concerned about the storage, security, and management of its data. Some of the most critical operations of your IT infrastructure depend on the durability of your data. This is where cloud computing excels in the IT sector and provides businesses with optimum reliability. 

According to the 11 nines of durability, the data stored on cloud platforms offers 99.999999999% annual durability. To simplify this aspect, you can expect to not even lose one object of your stored data if it is stored in a properly configured cloud. What else can a business ask for? 

Let’s get a sneak peek into some of the aspects which define the durability offered by cloud computing for your business data. 

Cloud Storage Vs. Physical Storage 

Many businesses these days are still relying on physical servers to store and manage their data. Physical servers are very reliable. But there are some downsides to it. One of the major issues is the availability of data during downtimes or server failures. Data stored on cloud platforms is often spread across many physical servers, and so an outage affecting one server will not render your data inaccessible.

Cloud is very reliable in terms of data storage. The reason for such optimal reliability is the process called reassure coding. In this process, your data object stored on the cloud is broken into various chunks. These chunks are then distributed across a wide range of standalone servers virtually interconnected to each other. It does not matter if you lose any data object to any hardware failure; cloud storage offers the ability to efficiently restore your cloud storage object by recollecting them from different servers. This makes your sensitive business data completely safe from losses due to hardware or server failures. 

Cloud Offers Optimal Data Backup 

The famous 11 nines of durability claim proposed by Amazon is meant for data durability.  Durability is different from Availability.  Durability is the ability to read your data, perfectly intact, with none of the data having been changed or lost.  Data storage at scale is a tricky task, so it’s great to know that the experts at AWS are on top of it in a way that a general server technician just couldn’t be.

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