Hire Beaty Consultancy for Top-Notch
AWS Management

Cloud is the most effective and emerging technology that is benefiting a wide range of businesses across different industries. Moving to the cloud boosts productivity and reduces operational and maintenance costs to a great extent. But shifting your IT infrastructure to the cloud and then managing it can be difficult, especially if this is your first experience. 

This is where professional assistance proves to be quite handy. You must opt for a reliable company with a good track record of high-end AWS management. Are you looking for such a company for your business? Beaty Consultancy is here to help. Let’s get a sneak peek into some of the benefits that your business can acquire from our management of your AWS services.

AWS Certified Professionals to Automate Your AWS Infrastructure

You value experience, right? We’ve got it! Beaty Consultancy utilizes its experience to ensure that your infrastructure remains 24/7 functional without any downtime. You may not have the right team and expertise to properly manage your AWS account. Don’t worry! We have a dedicated team of cloud experts to configure your AWS account and optimize it for optimum performance.

It’s All Secure with Beaty Consultancy

Have you adopted the necessary measures to secure your data? If not, then this is the right time to make your move. Most companies are unaware of the security loopholes in their infrastructure. 

Our certified experts adopt high-end data security methods to add multiple layers to your security. From 24/7 monitoring your platform to adopting highly effective disaster recovery plans, we never leave any stone unturned to deliver the best results. We’ll manage your cloud environment to ensure that no unauthorized access is granted anywhere, anytime. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Why did you choose to move from legacy systems to cloud computing? The main reason is the optimal usage of cloud resources at minimal costs, right? But lack of knowledge and resource planning can spike your costs. You may be paying for those hidden resources which you don’t utilize for your business operations. 

Having a skilled AWS management expert by your side can save you from such unwanted issues. We will assist you in mapping out all the resources that are required to run your applications. Doing so would save you from paying for unnecessary or unwanted services that are nothing but a burden to your expenses. 

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