Helping Organisations Getting
Cyber Essentials Certified

Businesses are always vulnerable to cyberattacks where hackers try to exploit the loopholes in their online security systems. Overlooking the protection of your tech infrastructure can cause a lot of damage to your security, reputation, and finances as well. This is where having cyber essentials certification can save you from such malicious cyberattacks.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed certification scheme which comprises all the basic sets of controls that an organisation must adopt and follow to ensure optimum security against cyberattacks. Complying with these well-defined controls builds solid cyber security foundations for an organisation. Cyber Essentials is operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). 

Why Your Business Should Comply with Cyber Essentials?

Your stakeholders, customers, and partners must have trust in the security of your operational procedures. Having cyber essentials certification not only secures your IT infrastructure but also makes your brand reliable and trustworthy. 

Your business needs a bird’s eye view of its entire security system. This can be efficiently provided by cyber essentials certification. Improved security gives you the freedom to focus primarily on other essential business goals without risking your system’s security. 

What Does Cyber Essentials Cover?

Your organisation must comply with the following requirements necessary for this Cyber Essentials Certification:


All the internet connected devices operating within the domain of your business network must be fully protected by a firewall.

Secure configuration

Your settings must be properly configured in accordance with the security measures set forth in this certification. Relying on default settings makes your system prone to cyberattacks. 

User access control

Ensuring safe and efficient user access control is necessary to prevent unauthorised people from getting access to your system. Every individual in your staff must be allocated access privileges in accordance with their assigned roles. 

Malware protection

Malware is one of the most common and effective cyberattacks leveraged by hackers. Cyber Essentials ensures that you get optimum protection against every dangerous malware. 

Patch management

Keeping your devices updated ensures that the developers can easily explore the hidden loopholes in the application and remove those loopholes right away.

Hire Beaty Consultancy to Acquire Optimal Assistance for Cyber Essentials Certification

We provide organizations with high-end security solutions that fully comply with the Cyber Essentials requirements. We adopt security measures to add unbreachable layers of security to your system. We have got your cyber security needs covered.

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