Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting:
Ultimate Guide for SaaS Businesses

A wide range of businesses these days now prefer SaaS applications. This convenient and efficient approach has countless benefits to offer. If you are also planning to adopt this smart approach, then one thing must be going through your mind. That thing is the decision about choosing the right cloud platform. There are AWS, Azure, and a wide range of other cloud services to choose from. 

This article will showcase the key benefits of choosing AWS over other cloud services. It’s time to make a smart move by shifting your SaaS application development and management infrastructure to AWS. 

Extensive Availability of Managed Services

Nobody can deny the efficiency and high-end managed services that come with AWS. There are about 170+ services that SaaS businesses can acquire through AWS. Possibilities are endless with these available services. You can develop literally anything using these diverse services. 

You no longer have to manage tasks like creating data backups and processing timely upgrades if you have chosen AWS over other cloud platforms. 

It’s Easy to Use

If you ever had the experience of signing up for Amazon Web Services (AWS), then you might have gone through the amazing AWS Management Console. You will witness a wide range of services and tools that AWS offers on this console. It’s super convenient to say the least. 

It is tough to develop and manage SaaS applications if this is your first experience with AWS. Your IT team won’t be too familiar with the interface. This is where AWS gets ahead of other cloud platforms by offering a very easy-to-navigate interface for your IT professionals. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

Ever wondered why AWS is grabbing so much spotlight even though there are various other cloud platforms? Unlimited bandwidth is one of the reasons why this platform is becoming the prime choice of SaaS businesses and hundreds of thousands of businesses have already chosen AWS. 

Storage is one of the most stressful aspects for businesses. If you have a website with massive traffic, then how can you scale the bandwidth in accordance with the current traffic? AWS has got the right scalable bandwidth options for your SaaS business. 

Planning to Choose AWS? Beaty Consultancy is Here to Help.

Now is the right time to acquire the services of our seasoned cloud experts to host your SaaS platform on AWS. We will assist you in everything including pre-migration planning, cloud migration, and a wide range of managed cloud services to run and manage your SaaS platform efficiently on the cloud.

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