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Cloud Consultancy in Cumbria

Beaty Consultancy is a proudly Cumbrian brand, based in the great border city of Carlisle.  Carlisle changes hands between the English and Scottish a couple of times through the centuries, but is now a bustling and diverse metropolitan centre for Cumbria.  But why launch a cloud consultancy in Cumbria?  Why launch a cloud consultancy in Cumbria?  Why do you need cloud consultancy services?

The Cloud is for Everyone

Here at Beaty Consultancy, we’re passionate about cloud technology being for everyone.  The beauty of the cloud is that literally within a few minutes, you can have an IT infrastructure as big as a multinational corporation, then just delete it all when you don’t need that scale anymore.  In fact, we have written about this before.

Anyone can have access to near unlimited amounts of storage, bandwidth and the benefits in security that huge scale brings.  But why Cumbria specifically?

Cumbrian Business is Awesome!!

Beaty Consultancy shares our office space with lots of other amazing and tallanted businesses here at The Guild in Carlisle.  The diversity of the businesses blossoming inside the ancient Carlisle city walls is incredible!  From sustainable food packaging companies, to marketers, app developers and web designers.  These are companies who just wouldn’t have been able to exist 10 years ago due to the high cost of server capacity and draconian contracts they would be locked into.  The Guild itself is also a huge boon for the city.  There is a real sense of cooperation and teamwork in a space like this.

In this way, Carlisle is like any other city in the UK, thriving and fostering tallent from any industry who wants to call the great border city home.  But what of the more stereotypical Cumbrian businesses?

What is Cumbria all About?

Okay, we’re half way through this blog post now, and I’ve mentioned nothing about agriculture.  The simple fact is that Cumrbia is still a largely agricultural economy.  Honestly, just come up here (seriously, come visit, it’s beautiful) and you’ll see green and pleasent land, with farms and fields full of crops as far as the eye can see.  Surely farmers don’t need a cloud consultant?

Connectivity and Monitoring

One of the things about a consultant is that often our job is about stringing together other services.  We work with an amazing Wireless Internet Service Provider called Country Connect, for one example.  Country Connect can deploy a high speed Internet connection virtually anywhere, which solves a huge problem that their rural customers face.  But they don’t just stop there!  They can deploy a reliable wireless network between the buildings on a given estate, which can then be used to set up cameras and monitoring for livestock or for security.

Once that’s in place, we can use services such as AWS Rekognition to pick up events you might be interested in.  For example, you could read and log the registration plates of vehicles driving into your land, then alert on unknown vehicles.  You might want to monitor an animal as it is about to calve.  The point being that machine learning is for everyone now!

Other Cumbrian Business

The other thing Cumbria is famous for are our artists.  Businesses such as Glazed Expressions take their inspiration from the landscape, and from the way of life here in Cumbria.  They rely on Beaty Consultancy to ensure their web applications stay online even when they’re super busy, and when their online shop is hosting lots of people browsing their amazing art.

Other clients use Beaty Consultancy as their technical advisors in a more general capacity.  What kind of cloud accountancy software is best for them?  How do we make sure our backups work?  What about a disaster recovery plan?

Beaty Consultancy – Cloud Consultancy in Cumbria

That’s a good taster of Cloud Consultancy in Cumbria, and the way we boost the local economy.  However, it’s the tip of the iceberg.  Machine learning is becomming a huge benefit to so many businesses of all shapes and sizes these days that we’re seeing demand for cloud consultancy in more and more new industries.

If you think you could use our help, just get in touch for a friendly chin wag.  If you happen to be a fellow Cumbrian, drop in and see us in Carlisle.  We’ll get the kettle on.

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