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Why Does My App Go Down When It’s Busy?

Why Does My App Go Down When It’s Busy?

You would find a dedicated app for almost every kind of utility feature available over the internet. Apps are extremely resourceful and convenient to use. 

But there are downsides to it as well. Your app may suddenly become unavailable out of nowhere. You may find this experience quite strange. 

All the functionalities of the app become dysfunctional during this downtime. We’re going to explore some factors that lead to this app downtime. 

The Server Gets Overloaded Beyond Its Capacity

Each request for app access issued by the user runs the application code on the server. But there is a limited number of requests that a server can address simultaneously. If too many users start using the app at the same time, the server will halt. That is unless you are using auto-scaling technologies.

Even if the app does not stop working completely, it might become super slow.  Your users demand super quick response times, and instantaneous information at their fingertips.  If your database isn’t up to the job, app responsiveness will suffer, and your users look elsewhere.

Unstable App Updates

Modern apps are updated very frequently – sometimes multiple times per day. But not all updates are stable. With changes made to the application and underlying servers, there may be certain complications. The inconsistency between the Operating System (OS) and the updates may cause your app to go down, even due to a slight increase in traffic. 

Poorly Optimised Front-End

Whenever an app crashes, the concern often lies in the back-end of the app. But this is not a hard and fast rule that the app goes down merely due to back-end issues. The content such as text, images, and videos, are loaded on the front-end. If the front-end isn’t optimised efficiently, then the consequences are app crashes and unexpected downtime. 

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