Beaty Consultancy at the AWS Summit 2020

Beaty Consultancy at the AWS Summit 2020

Here at Beaty Consultancy, we’re always keen to get our message to small and medium sized businesses, that we’re not like other consultants.  We’re not paid shills for one platform or another.  And we pride ourselves on talking plain english, and saving you money by cutting the rubbish.  So what business has Beaty Consultancy at the AWS Summit 2020?

New Stuff!

I don’t mean the branded socks and stress toys I usually come home from the AWS Summit with.  No, I’m talking about all the awesome new technology we have to play with right away!

There were no huge announcements this year, as there have been at previous AWS Summit events, but if you weren’t aware of something before, it’s new to you, right?  AWS has so many varied products and services, nobody can really understand each one of them in depth.  But when you attend some of the lectures focusing on technology you haven’t used before, us cloud-geeks get a sense of wonder!  We wonder whether that idea we had last month would work better if we used this new technology.


Leading on from that, we get new ideas of platforms we could build, or ways to improve existing platforms.  And that’s great, but there has to be an overarching vision and an ethos of how we build stuff for our clients.  That allows different people in our teams to jump in to one project or another, and not have to waste time figuring out how something has been deployed, since we always do it to the same standard.

And the ideas extend all the way into AWS as a company.  Their Chief Technical Office, Dr Werner Vogels always gives a really passionate and insightful keynote speech.  Dr Vogels is a passionate technologist, and this comes over in what he talks about, and how he presents it.

Although we do work with other cloud platforms, as well as on-premises solutions, we are known for our work with AWS.  It therefore makes sense to align our thinking with theirs.  They give an overall feeling of where the AWS platform is going, and how people are using it to do amazing things.  If we can understand that trend, we can help shape it in the the way we deliver some of our projects for you.


This was the hardest part of the AWS Summit 2020.  Like most things in 2020, it was online.  Let’s not forget, it’s amazing that we have this technology freely available to all of us where we can attend amazing events almost like we were there.  Everything seems to work so flawlessly these days, it’s easy to take it for granted.  But there is nothing quite like shuffling around a conference hall and making conversation with folks looking as awkward as you at an event.

Also, when you go to the event in-person, there’s free beer at the end of the day, so there’s that…

But given that nobody did get to see me awkwardly shuffle around the Excel Centre in London this year, you might want to reach out to me online.  You can find me on LinkedIn.  You can find Beaty Consultancy on Twitter and Facebook.  And you can shoot a message straight to us here on our lovely interwebz site.  We’re proper chatty-kathy’s!

Staying Safe

We’re always talking about digital hygiene here at Beaty Consultancy.  We’re security daft!  We hate the idea of something getting inside our networks that ought not to be there.  But our bodies are even more important than that.  And though all of these crazy times, it’s amazing that Beaty Consultancy can be at the AWS Summit in 2020.  So thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring the conference to us, and thank you to everyone I did speak to, virtually, while I was there.

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